Prewedding  Nusantara Destination // Emyr & Upy // Komodo Island – Flores

in 2012 I came for a vacation to Rinca island famous with Komodo (dragons). when I arrived here,  have a plan for prewedding photo shoot at this islands.

My dream finally come true when my promo komodo destination deal with Emyr & Upy, they from Jakarta was just want holiday but when they  know my promo from social media in deciding to do prewedding session with me at Komodo Island because they will be married this year.

we meet up a day before leaving for the  pink beach and Padar island in Labuan bajo. I depart from Denpasar and they departed from Jakarta on the same day.

after got clear information from the Captain who take us to the Pink Beach and Padar Island, We decided  leave at 3am from Labuan Bajo to Pink Beach hoping to get a sunrise there and could sunset session on the Padar Island.

the weather was sunny and we arrived at pink beach  6am, photo session went smoothly until 9.30am and we had snorkling in pink beach.
after that we went to Padar island for sunset session and back to Labuan Bajo after sunset, we arrived at 9.30pm in Labuan Bajo.

very short trip and tiring paid off with amazing views and  capture love story of Emyr & Upy.

thanks you guys for best Nusantara Destination.


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