Kelimutu lake

Kelimutu is a volcano, close to the small town of Moni about 50 km to the east of Ende, Indonesia in central Flores Island of Indonesia.In the early days of developing the local national park in the Kelimutu area, there were some disputes with local communities over the use of the resources. More recently,forest rangers have worked to develop better relations with nearby village communities and overall management has improved.
Kelimutu is one of the mountains listed as a ribu in Indonesia which are mountains in Indonesia which are more than 1,000 meters high.
The area is said to have begun to attract attention after being noticed by a regional Dutch military commander,B. van Suchtelen in 1915 and became more well-known after Y. Bouman wrote about the site in 1929.
The closest airports are Maumere, and Ende. There are regular flights to Ende from Bali.The drive from Ende to Moni, the town at the base of Kelimutu where accommodation is available, takes about 3 hours.


Engagement Destination

Vick and Nia  was my friend at flores and they are willing to be my client for the first time photo shoot at  Kelimutu Lake,though not their makeup artists really enjoyed this session because our photo shoot in a very awesome place and so beautiful sunrise.this idea very suddenly when the night before go to  Kelimutu Lake We meet Vick and Nia,  eventually emerged the idea of ​​why we not creat  sample engagement photoand I will able to show to the client later. We can show to all people, Indonesia have a very beautiful place not just Bali but many more awesome place. let’s Indonesia Couple We should be shoot in our beautiful Country without need to overseas.

and now I opened the package 2 days engagement photo shoot to Kelimutu  Lake – Flores – NTT, including airfare from bali, hotels, transportation during the photo shoot.

thanks to Dhanu Wijaya for asisst , Vick and Nia for couple


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Dhanu Wijaya
August 29, 2013
top markotop!
Vick Off Calimation Mmrt
August 29, 2013
makasih bro sumpah trllu keren (y)
Vick Off Calimation Mmrt
August 31, 2013
amien pasti dpt bli..
Memet Metz
September 12, 2013
rage asane dot... mepotrek mai.. puk!! baang special price nah.. jon.. hehehehe
Suhandy Wijaya
February 11, 2014
Cakep kk :)

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